Environmental Policy


We regard the health of the environment as an important issue for us to coexist with the earth. Ares complies with the laws and regulations set forth by the R.O.C government and the R.O.C environmental protection bureau.

Ares implements the following enviromentally safe practices:

While we focus on producing quality hand and pneumatic tools, we are dedicated to following every green step to preserve the earth for generations to come. ARES is a proud metal processing factory. Our team of professionals, and advanced machinery are able to clean our discharged air, safely operate chemical processes, treat wastewater and finally, we recycle all metal-containing solid wastes into new materials for other industrial uses. In that way, ARES is certified as a “green factory” by the Taichung City government.

Plating system of air quality control permit

Chemical process operating license

Wastewater operating license

Metal-containing waste and residue allowance license

Cooperating partner's ISO 9001 certificate for recycling industrial waste.

Cooperating partner's OHSAS 18001 certificate for recycling industrial waste.