Starting Work Again After CNY 2019


In Asia, Chinese New Year is like Christmas in the Western world, and many people living in Asia follow some of the CNY rituals, as do we.  After celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year of 2019, we resume work on Feb,11th,2019.

On that morning, many employees come together and receive "lucky money" one by one, and it's important that everyone worships the gods for good business luck for the rest of the year 2019.

On this auspicious date and at the proper time, we put flowers ,fruit, tea and cookies on the table, light some noisy firecrackers, and burn some paper money to the gods.  Everyone got some lucky money and was in a good mood.  It's believed that this grand event will attract business and prosperity. 

We have been Taiwan's leading socket set manufacturer for 35 years.  ARES manufactures premier 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" chrome-vanadium socket wrench sets, including bits, bit sockets, hand and pneumatic sockets, extension bars, and ratchets.  ARES is an OEM for many big international hardware suppliers and we can supply our products with your label, too.  In addition, we comply with ISO, DIN, ANSI international standard.

Finally, 2019 is the Year of Pig, and ARES wishes you a successful Year of the Pig!