ARES year-end banguet


Our factory held the year-end banquet- weiya - on the December 29, 2019

The banquet is a Taiwanese tradition for business cooperation, annualy held before Chinese Lunar New Year.

This is a way we show appreciation for our employees, for working through the whole new year 2019.

Above are the photos of the banquet, where everyone sat at Chinese table eating and drinking, chatting and laughing.  

The food was great, like a feat.
Everyone ate so much and felt so full.

It's an opportunity to maintain workplace relationships.

We would especially like to thank our foreign workers from Vietnam and Indonesia.

They have helped to run the production process well, and have done their duties 

to complete every order from our esteemed customers.

Taiwanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, we all work united to keep the factory running. 
We have become one big family.

We sincerely appreciate our foreign workers, they are such HEROES, flying far, 
far away from their own country and working in a different country.

It's not always easy to live and work in another country.

They have to adapt to the new enviroenment, learn the new language, deal with people and culture,
endure lonliness, and work on the challenges of life.

Some of them have worked here many years.
Somehow, they came alone and put thier family aside to work here for the money.
They then wire the money back to their family members who wait for them.

Can you inmagine an Indonesian woman working here for 4 years and she has 5 kids in  her family in her own country.

Can you imagine how hard it would be to miss the kids but somehow you can not be beside them. 

Her dautougher got bullied at school, but somehow it's difficult to handle this because she's not there. 

Although worried as a Mom, she can only call and message them.

Can you imagine an Indonesian man working here for 6 years straight.

Every lunch time he makes a vediocall to his wife to talk and see the kids.

One time, his 3-year-old kid was walking by the food stand and accidentally got burned badly

by hot cooking oil and was sent to the hospital.    

He was nervous, but he couldn't do anything, he could only wire the money back. 

(We also donated some.)

Many of them want to work and save money so they only go back home once every 2 years.

They said once they finish the contract and they save enough money, they can go 

home and buy  land or a house, which is in their country where it is difficult to earn such money.  

Each one of them has their private story.
That's why we call every foreign worker a HERO in our life.
We appreciate and respect them. We are honored to have you work with us.

Thank you and we wish all our workers happiness and health and prosperity in the new year of the Rat 2020. 
See you next year.